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  • Anastasia Belyak
    Anastasia is the true global citizen having been educated at Lomonosov Moscow State University and graduating with degrees in History of Art and Law before
    Moving to London.
    Pursuing her passion for cultural beauty, she then completed an MA in Fine & Decorative Art & Design at Sotheby’s institute of Art.
    At the same time, Anastasia founded Brow Bar, an international beauty chain with outposts in Moscow, Monaco, London, Baku and Astana.
    Inspired by Plato’s philosophies and having identified the opportunity for a highly curated global members' circle of this kind, Anastasia and Kamilia founded Akademy in 2020.
  • Kamilia Shaimieva
    Kamilia is also a discerning global citizen having studied international economics at Moscow State Institute of International Relations before completing an MBA in International Economics at Chicago Business School in the US.
    She has since worked with a number of leading international conglomerates including JSFC Sistema and maintains a thriving cross-Atlantic network of mentors and advisors.
    Kamilia's extensive corporate background and business expertise complement Anastasia's connections and her eye for culture, ensuring together Akademy paves the way for today's evolving and diverse intellectuals.
  • Olga Fler
    Olga is foremost known for her outstanding achievements in philanthropy. She is the founder and CEO at Meet For Charity — a tech impact project that was launched in 2016 in Russia and is now set to expand into new international markets, such as the USA, the UK, the UAE, and Kazakhstan. This unique charity auction has crowdfunded over $ 3 million to date for over 120 charities.
    Olga also has a vast background in PR and marketing, having launched her first PR agency at the age of 19. Her clients included Mercedes Benz, Jaguar, Audi, Estée Lauder, Chanel, Carrera y Carrera, Inter RAO and such.
    A networking wizard, she was recently appointed Chief Impact Officer at Ventureisrael, an Israel deep tech fund.
    Olga has always been passionate about projects that make a social impact, and with her extensive expertise in business development, PR and social entrepreneurship, she is now focused on education and philanthropy.
The Akademy guides, educates and connects the worlds leading thinkers and innovators within a global elite community
Founded in 2020, Akademy is an intellectual members' circle, uniting those who seek personal betterment, through the power of education. The global project was initiated in London, notable for its rich heritage, traditions, and vibrant cosmopolitan energy, as a base for the world’s largest intellectual, art and cultural circle. Through a unique and exclusive programme of events for its members, the club engages with the world’s finest academic, creative, and business leaders, through the unique exclusive programme of events for its members. Akademy’s insightful lectures and exceptional experiences cover a wide range of disciplines from art and science, to tech and nature, from fashion and wellness, to politics and philosophy.

In 2022, the United Arab Emirates became the new point on Akademy’s intellectual circle map. The region is demonstrating consistent and dynamic growth not just in its economy, but also in culture, art and science. Here, the Akademy club establishes collaborations with top UAE institutions, and brings together the brightest minds from all over the world.
The AKADEMY ethos is one that reflects theories that date back over 2000 years.
Like Plato, whose philosophy of four big ideas encouraged personal fulfillment and betterment, AKADEMY mirrors this singular vision structuring itself around four similar core brand pillars.

AKADEMY is steadfast in its mission to build a community of members who not only learn through a rich programme of exceptional lectures and intimate events, but also support, encourage and learn from one another. It is an intellectually evolved circle built on conversations, debate, continued dialogue and critical thinking.

AKADEMY encourages its community of members to develop profound reflection, harness their wisdom and evolve their connections and appreciation of others. To learn to overcome common beliefs. To challenge and surprise oneself. To understand that learning is limitless, at every stage of life.

AKADEMY strives to work with the world's leading academics, creatives, thought and business leaders in a wide range of disciplines. These powerful figures encourage thought-provoking discoveries for AKADEMY members, enriching their worlds and evolving their wisdom.

AKADEMY brings to light the renaissance of education, revealing new role models in society, whether it be the members themselves or the diverse world leaders it works with. Together, the private members' circle paves the way for today's evolving Intelligentsia.