AKADEMY is the Intellectual Members' Circle uniting those who seek personal betterment through the power of education. The platform champions the world's academics, creatives, thought and business leaders in a calendar of curated events and exceptional lectures in a wide range of disciplines from art to science, tech to nature, fashion to wellness, politics to philosophy. This rich programming championing unparalleled-access fuels the community's thirst to enrich their worlds and evolve their wisdom, nourishing the minds of today's Intelligentsia
What is Akademy's purpose in the 21st century?
The founders, Anastasia Belyak and Kamilia Shaimieva firmly believe in cultivating the intellect through learning, listening and shared experiences. 'Never Stop Learning' is Akademy's motto. The focus is on introducing leading academics and experts to members in a convivial setting that encourages debate and discovery. The ambition is to cultivate a society of 'well dressed' minds.
Which subjects does the Akademy focused on?
The AKADEMY community is paramount and collectively strives to unite like-minded individuals who not only learn through the rich programme of lectures and events, but also support, encourage and learn from one another. Prospective members must demonstrate an interest or involvement with the key subjects that AKADEMY explores, as outlined below:
  • Art and culture
  • Medical innovation and wellness
  • Film, theatre, dance and music
  • Business and economics
  • High-fashion and contemporary luxury
What are Akademy members offered?
The privileges of joining such a circle are endless. Not only can AKADEMY members enjoy diverse lectures and curated events, but equally gain unparalleled-access to some of the world's leading academics, creatives, thought and business leaders.

The community is equally entitled to a selection of benefits including preferential rates, access to previews and premiers and further personalised moments hosted by affiliate and partner brands who resonate with the AKADEMY ethos and vision.

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Do I need a PhD to join?
Prospective members require a minimum of one AKADEMY member to validate their interest, after which their application is carefully reviewed by a prestigious committee for approval. A joining fee and tiered on-going membership fees apply to all members.

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What are the membership tiers?
Membership allows access to all events on the calendar. Subscription permits selected access to five events per season.

Within each tier there is Premium level (all privileges apply to the member + 1 guest) and Standard (just the member).

There is a one off joining fee.

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What experience do the founders have?
Anastasia Belyak is trained in law and holds an M.A. in the history of art. She is a successful global business leader in the beauty arena. She believes in betterment through education and was a member of the Moscow based learning platform before she relocated to London. Fellow Russian, Kamilia Shaimieva who holds an executive MBA in business has a wealth of experience in corporate finance. She has invested in and launched a series of successful start-ups in the tech arena.

The idea for Akademy was born out of a mutual fascination with the psychology of learning and how that contributes to humans flourishing at any stage of life.
Is there an online learning portal?
The core program of live events will also be available on line at the Akademy member's site alongside additional took kits, chat rooms and reading lists.
What are the perks of Akademy membership?
Akademy offers a global concierge service that specializes in further learning, art collecting, expert travel and fashion advice. In addition, members will be invited to connoisseur events in the style, well-being and luxury arena.

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Will I get bored?
Akademy is dynamic and each semester's program will be sculpted around the desires and interests of the community: Never Stop Learning.